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Asianet Broadband Internet Plans and Price in Kerala

Asianet Broadband Internet Plans and Price in Kerala

Asianet Broadband Internet Plans Review

Are you planning to choose a new broadband internet connection for your home or office? You have so many options to choose includes BSNL, Asianet, Reliance etc. Here in this article you can understands the full information regarding the Asianet Broadband Internet Plans and Price from trusted source.

You should have thorough knowledge about the plan, rates and any hidden conditions before purchasing any Broadband Internet Plan. Asianet Broadband Internet Plan is one of the widely used one in Kerala. Users reviews and experiences may differ based on satisfaction in usage.

Asianet Broadband Internet Plan presenting with the caption “Get the most trusted high speed connection at affordable price”. Their plans starts as low as Rs. 149/- per month based on conditions. Free internet with digital TV and Free to use wireless modem are the another offering from Asianet.

Official website of Asianet gives full information regarding the Broadband Internet Plans, high speed internet, Asianet games and options for complaint registration in their home page. According to the website this is Established in 1993, and one of the first ISPs in India. They also offer VPN, VoIP, Dialup Internet, Web Hosting & Website Development services.

Asianet Broadband Plus – High Speed (20 Mbps) Internet

Asianet offers Broadband High Speed Internet Plans for customers in an affordable price tag. It is named as Asianet Broadband Plus. Their range of data transfer plans are so many to choose, based on your need.  Installation and Wireless Modem Activation (IWMA) Charge is Rs. 2499/- without tax. The plan features attractive offers and rates. These Plans are only available in Trivandrum and Cochin .

1. Asianet Broadband Plus Data Transfer Plans

Key Features

  • Upto 20 Mbps speed, before threshold limit
  • Monthly subscription charge as low as Rs. 620 with tax
  • 15 days free intent by paying for 5.5 months
  • Monthly usage limit is high as 160GB on Xtream 2499 plan
  • Extra usage for ADTV Customer without monthly usage limit
  • Very low additional usage charge per Mbps -without tax

Different types of data Plans under this includes Xtream 2499, Xtream 1999, Xtream 1625, Xtream 1085, Xtream810 and Xtream 620. The basic plan with low price is Xtream 620 for Rs. 620/-. Details of other plans you can find in the below table. Please click on each image to make it enlarge for easy viewing.

data transfer plans2. Asianet Broadband Plus Unlimited Plans

This unlimited packages offers high speed from 4Mbps to 15 Mbps. You can choose an option with cost as low as Rs. 980/- to Rs. 4999/-. Dart 980, Dart 1470, Dart 1999, Dart 2700 and dart 4999 are the main plans in this unlimited category. The basic plan is Dart 980 for Rs. 980/- which offers 4Mbps speed for surfing. Details of other plans you can find in the below table. Please click on each image to make it enlarge for easy viewing. 

unlimited plansAsianet Broadband Internet Data Transfer Based Plans

Plans included under Asianet Broadband Internet Data Transfer Based Plans are Xpress 1999, Xpress  1649, Xpress 1149, Xpress 789, Xpress 549, Xpress  349, Xpress  249, Xpress  149 etc. Each plan is priced in affordable price range. 12Mbps is the maximum speed for Xpress 1999 plan, which offers 60GB monthly usage. Details of other plans you can find in the below table. Please click on each image to make it enlarge for easy viewing.

asianet broadband internetFree IWMA Prepaid Plans & Prepaid plans

These includes Spark with Wireless Plan for Rs.4430. This plan offers Free Data usage : 21GB and Speed/Validity : 4Mbps/12Months. Second plan is Spark Student Plan for Rs.3830. It offers Free Data usage : 13.5GB and Speed/Validity : 4Mbps/12Months.

Third plan is Spark 210 Plan cost Rs.2630. It features Free Data usage : 4.5GB and Speed/Validity : 4Mbps/12Months. For every new connection, you have to pay prepaid value + IWMA/IWEMA charges (Taxes extra). There is also 50% Off on Dazzle Plans from 10 pm to 6 am and on Sundays. Prepaid plans are Spark 7600, Spark 5400, Spark 3300 and Spark 2700.

prepaid planAsianet Broadband Internet Unlimited Plans

Asianet Broadband Internet Unlimited Plans are best to opt with high speed. Main plans under this are Speed 2700, Speed 2100, Speed  1499, Speed 999, Speed 830, Speed 690, Speed 510 and Speed 450. Speed 2700 is the top plan available for Rs. 2700/-, which offers 7Mbps speed for surfing. Details of other plans you can find in the below table. Please click on each image to make it enlarge for easy viewing.

unlimted planAsianet Broadband Internet SME Plans

SME plans are the small medium enterprise plans. For each plans, Additional Usage Charge is only Rs.0.10/MB Extra. Annual Plan Benefits are Pay 10 months, get 2 months + FTU Modem + CUG Free (Foe EMTA Modem RD.Rs.500 extra) in this SME plans . SME Turbo 3000, SME Turbo  15000, SME Turbo 3000, SME Turbo 9000, SME Turbo 5999, SME Turbo 7500 are the main plans under this category. Details of other plans you can find in the below table. Please click on each image to make it enlarge for easy viewing.

sme plansAsianet Broadband Contact Numbers

Trivandrum prepaid renewal

  • 9446094445
  • 9400758939
  • 9400758929

Cochin Prepaid Renewal

  • 9961456240
  • 6467240
  • 2339766
  • 2342075

Kollam Prepaid Renewal

  • 9847300724

Kottayam Prepaid Renewal

  • 98474 73559
  • 0481 2580313

Technical support

  • 8086011111

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  1. Neha Arunpal
    July 23, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    thanks for the detailed update of asianet broadband plans in kerala. I am looking to buy one annual broadband plan for my home.

  2. Danish Kiluon
    July 23, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    I dont like asianet broadband because i am using this for the last some months and found not better. bsnl broadband also bad.

    1. Anonymous
      November 28, 2017 at 12:13 pm

      so which broadband is ggod.,?

  3. Amar Omar
    August 2, 2014 at 9:41 am

    thanks for get in touch with the asianet broadband plans kerala. I am now going to take asianet broadband connection for my home. I need some reivews of asianet broadband. tell please

  4. Adithya
    October 3, 2014 at 11:02 am

    thankyou for listing the asianet broadband unlimited plans and broadband price. I am going to order this plan for my home connection. I think asianet is providing good service.

  5. adithya
    October 3, 2014 at 11:03 am

    my friend suggested me to take asianet broadband plan for me. at his voice and review asainet is good internet service provider in kerala state india.

  6. Anonymous
    October 5, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    asianet broadband is good option for commercial & residential internet consumers. If you live in chandigarh you want to know about all available broadband choices. you can select best one broadband connection, easily by examining their monthly internet tariff schemes

  7. srp
    September 21, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    is there service good

  8. Srishty
    December 12, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Bad service!
    Don’t even try this, amount of stupidity n laziness of customer care people n staff will amaze you! After three calls reagrding a small work (to start my plan- basic, isn’t it??), i made three calls n ws surprised to know that first to persons to tok my call said that it will be done mam, didn’t actually do anything!! So i called 3rd time to complain, n 3rd person told her name ws – ‘GADHA PRASAD’!!!
    P.s.- i really think she is gadha! (donkey)

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