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Top 10 Budget Laptops in India for Everyday Use – Models and Price

Are you searching for the Best Budget Laptops in India for everyday use? Before buying a laptop you have to consider, what is your need and your budget. Key features you have to understand before buying a lap is Processor, Hard disc, RAM, Operating system, screen size and graphics unit. Based on features, needs, price and specifications laptops are classified in to 3 groups. Each are discussed in detail below along with top 10 models.

Low Configuration Laptops

Laptops ranging from Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- is ideal for Home, Students usage. This placatory features low configuration and you can consider brands like  Compaq, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HCL, Zenith for selection of model.

These model usually features 1GB – 2GB RAM, 10-inch or 15.6-inch Widescreen, 160GB to 320GB HDD, Wi-Fi and Webcam. It runs on DOS, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Windows 7 OS. 

Medium Configuration Laptops

In this category you can choose from models worth Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 35,000/-. These models are best for Business, Students, Home. Brand options includes Dell, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, Asus, Acer, LG, Samsung, HCL, Zenith etc.

Processor used in this category includes Intel Dual Core, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Dual Core, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5. Other features are 2GB – 4GB RAM, 13.3-inch to 17.3-inch screen, 320GB to 750GB HDD, Wi-Fi and Webcam. OS options are DOS , Linux, Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu. 

High Configuration Laptops

If you are looking for a laptop worth Rs. 35,000/- and more. These ideal for Business, Students, Professionals. You can consider brands like Dell, Sony, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, HCL, Apple. Processor used in these laptops includes Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 etc.

Main features of this category includes 2GB – 16GB RAM, 14-inch to 17.3-inch screen size, 320GB to 1TB HDD capacity, Wi-Fi and Webcam. All the High Configuration Laptops runs on DOS, Linux, Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu. 

HP 15-R006TU Laptop

HP 15-R006TU LaptopHP 15-R006TU Laptop is a good option, powered by 4th Gen Intel Core i3-4010U processor. It is supported with 4GB RAM and features 500 GB HDD and 15.6 Inches Screen. This is best for Everyday Use. HP 15-R006TU Laptop  runs on Operating System of DOS.

You can see images and work in its big Screen with Size of 15.6 inches. This laptop is a Notebook type. You can store all the data in its Memory (Ram) of 4 GB. HP 15-R006TU Laptop features Hard Disk Capacity of 500 GB. 

HP 15-R006TU Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs 27,990/-

Dell Vostro 3446 Laptop

Dell Vostro 3446Dell Vostro 3446 Laptop is a famous model features 4th Gen Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 14 Inches Screen and Ubuntu- 2GB Graphics. Powering this super laptop is a Core i3 (4th Generation) processor.

Basically this laptop is a Notebook with Hard Disk Capacity of 500 GB. It measures Screen Size of 14 Inches. Storage options includes 4 GB RAM and this laptop runs on Linux/Ubuntu Operating System. This is a best device for Everyday Use and comes with Dedicated Graphics of 2GB. 

Dell Vostro 3446 Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs 29,490/-

Asus X551CA-SX021D Laptop

Asus X551CA-SX021D LaptopAsus X551CA-SX021D Laptop is a famous model from Asus features 3rd Gen Intel Celeron Processor, 500GB HDD capacity, 2GB RAM and 15.6 Inches screen. Asus X551CA-SX021D Laptop is best for everyday usage. It just weighs 2.15 kg and available in Black color.

The lap runs on Operating System of DOS and packed with Screen Size of 15.6 Inches. Asus X551CA-SX021D Laptop features 2 GB RAM and powered by 3rd Generation Intel Celeron Processor 1007U. The laptop equipped with Chiclet Keyboard and offers Hard Disk Capacity of 500 GB for storage. 

Asus X551CA-SX021D Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs 17,790/-

Acer Aspire E1-510 Laptop 

Acer Aspire E1-510 LaptopAcer Aspire E1-510 Laptop comes with 4th Gen Intel Pentium Quad Core N3520 processor and features 500GB HDD capacity, 2GB RAM and 15.6 Inches screen. This is a best laptop for everyday usage and available in affordable price tag. Acer Aspire E1-510 Laptop  features 2 GB RAM and runs on Linux Operating System. It is equipped with Two Built-in Stereo Speakers with High-definition Audio Support.

The model equipped with FineTouch Chiclet Keyboard with Independent Standard Numeric Keypad and offers 500 GB Hard Disk Capacity. You have a big 15.6 Inches HD Display for image viewing. Acer Aspire E1-510 Laptop weighs 2.35 Kg and powered by Intel Pentium Quad Core N3520 Processor for fast performance. 

Acer Aspire E1-510 Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs.  20,101/-

Lenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) Laptop 

Lenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) LaptopLenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) Laptop available with the power of 3rd Gen Intel Core i3 3110M, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD and 15.6 Inches screen. Powering the Lenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) Laptop is a powerful unit. It gets AccuType Keyboard for easy typing. The model Weighs 2.5 kg and offers 2 GB RAM. 

Lenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) Laptop equipped with a Intel HD Graphics 4000 unit and features 500 GB Hard Disk Capacity. The model runs on DOS Operating System. It is packed with Stereo Speakers and Dolby Advanced Audio. The Processor used is the 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3110M and screen of the lap measures 15.6 Inches. 

Lenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs 26,791/-

Apple MD760HN/B MacBook Air 

Apple MD760HN-B MacBook AirApple MD760HN/B MacBook Air is well known and very famous model. Among the product list Apple MD760HN/B MacBook Air  comes with rich features like 4th Gen Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD and 13.3 Inches Screen. Apple MD760HN/B MacBook Air  equipped with Mac OS X Mavericks.

It is powered by Intel HD Graphics 5000 for high end performance. Storage options includes 4 GB RAM. This laptop is coming under the category Ultrabook. The screen measures 13.3 Inch and it is best to use for Everyday works. The Apple MD760HN/B MacBook Air runs on Mac OS X and features Hard Disk Capacity of 128GB SSD. 

Apple MD760HN/B MacBook Air Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs. 58,900/-

Sony Vaio F15213 Laptop

Sony Vaio F15213 LaptopSony Vaio F15213 Laptops are very famous and features 3rd Gen Intel Core i3, 4GB DDR3, 500GB, 15.5 Inch screen, Windows 8 OS and 1 GB NVIDIA GT740M. Sony Vaio F15213 Laptop is a famous model from the well known and popular Sony Vaio series. It runs on Microsoft Windows 8 64-Bit  Operating System.

The laptop comes with good specifications and features as Hard Disk Capacity of 500GB. The laptop measures 2.5Kg and features Screen Size of 15.5 Inch for good viewing. Sony Vaio F15213 Laptop gets 4GB DDR3 SDRAM. Intel Core i3 3227U processor is enough to power this lap. It is equipped with Powerful Subwoofer with Big Box Speaker for good sound effect. 

Sony Vaio F15213 Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs. 36,995/-

Lenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book Laptop 

Lenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book LaptopLenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book Laptop features 4th Gen Core i5 4200U, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 15.6 Inches and DOS Operating system. Powering the Lenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book Laptop us a good processor. You have 500 GB Hard Disk Capacity for storage.

The 4th Generation Core i5 4200U Processor works good with 4 GB RAM for high end performance. Screen of Lenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book Laptop is big and it is better for good viewing of contents. Screen measures 15.6 Inches Screen. Lenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book Laptop runs on DOS OS. 

Lenovo S510p (59-383309) Sleek Book Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs. 35,480/-

HP Pavilion 15-G004AU Laptop 

HP Pavilion 15-G004AUHP Pavilion 15-G004AU Laptop is a good laptop with rich features for using everyday. It is packed with APU Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk, 15.6 Inches Screen and Windows 8.1. The laptop features good hardware specifications and bets price range. 

HP Pavilion 15-G004AU Laptop offers you 500 GB Hard Disk Capacity. Image, videos and working is better with its big 15.6 Inches Screen. This lap runs on Windows 8.1 OS and powering the unit is a APU Dual Core Processor. The processor works great with 2 GB RAM for fast performance. 

HP Pavilion 15-G004AU Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs 21,355/-

Asus X200CA-KX219D Laptop

Asus X200CA-KX219D LaptopAsus X200CA-KX219D Laptop is a good everyday option product runs on 3rd Gen Intel Core i3 3217U, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 11.6 Inches and DOS Operating system. Asus X200CA-KX219D Laptop comes with powerful Built-in Speakers with Sonic Master Audio Technology. This device gets 4 GB DDR3 RAM and offers 500 GB Hard Disk Capacity for storage.

Powering the Asus X200CA-KX219D Laptop is the 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3217U Processor. This lap weighs 1.2 kg. to make your typing easier, it is equipped with Chiclet Keyboard. The screen is a big one and measures 11.6 Inches HD TFT LCD Glare Display with LED Backlit for good visual experience. 

Asus X200CA-KX219D Laptop Price in India On 17 April 2015: Rs 24,462/-

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